(NEW Final)cFosSpeed 6.60 build 1852 -- 11-May-2011

Hallo sobat blogger. Sekarang saya akan sharing mengenai sofware yang sangat bermanfaat ini, yakni cfosSpeed. yaitu sebuah software yang bisa mengoptimalisasi kecepatan internet.
What is cFosSpeed?
cFosSpeed is a network driver, which attaches itself to existing Internet connections. It then optimizes data transfer by means of Traffic Shaping.
Traffic Shaping is a method for optimizing the Internet traffic. It allows maximum speed while ensuring minimal Ping.
You can use cFosSpeed with a router and/or a DSL-modem or cable-modem. You can also use cFosSpeed with other types of Internet access, ie. whenever you already have an existing Internet connection.
cFosSpeed supports a wide variety of connections, like DSL, cable, ISDN, UMTS, etc.

cFosSpeed has two goals
1. Keep network delays (ping times) small, in order to make Internet applications as responsive as possible.
2. Improve data throughput by avoiding network congestions.
You can use cFosSpeed with an Internet connection you use exclusively or which you share with several PCs.

System requirements:
* Windows XP / Windows Vista / Windows 7, but also Windows 2000
* 32bit / 64bit (x64)
* existing Internet connection

download link
6.60 Final - x86   http://www.cfos.de/cfosspeed-v660.exe

6.60 Final - x64   http://www.cfos.de/cfosspeed-x64-v660.exe
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rar pswrd  :  cfosfpeed

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Baiklah. Jika ada pertanyaan mengenai penggunan software ini bisa memberikan komentar di bawah. semoga sofware cfoosSpeed ini dapat bermanfaat^^.

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