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Escape Whisper Valley | PC game| full download

Oke. Now. this is another game house which can be download for FREE here. Just exctract game and enjoy the game.

Escape Whisper Valleys sweeps you off your feet the moment you fire it up. The name Whisper Valley is enchanting in its power to provoke images of a mysterious and haunting place. It sounds like something out of an old scary movie! And the music only adds to this effect, being reminiscent of something from a movie score. I don't know what this place is, but I want to find out and then get out of there fast!
A rock slide has trapped you in an abandoned village. You'll have to search high and low for objects that can aid you in your escape. It won't be easy, but given how eerie this place is, I think you'll have plenty of motivation to pull it off. At all costs, you must escape Whisper Valley!


Throughout the course of the game, you'll search through several photo-realistic scenes. You'll be amazed at how even the inanimate objects seem to come to life. The scenery can at times be completely breathtaking, like when you see sweeping mountain ranges in the background. The graphics are very aesthetically pleasing, which is crucial in a hidden object game.

Speed Counts

Speed definitely counts when looking for objects. If you find two items in quick succession, you'll get a 2,500 point speed bonus on top of the already generous 5,000 points you get for just finding something. Keep this is mind when playing as it's an effective way to quickly rack up a lot of points.

Lock & Key

Aside from the normal objects, of which there are plenty, each of the 25 levels also contain a hidden lock and key. Find all 25 of each to unlock two bonus modes: unlimited seek and find, where you can relax and take your time, as well as a fun mystery game! What is it? Well, you'll just have to unlock it and find out!

Hints Will Cost You

One of the best things about this game is that you can never get stuck, because you have unlimited hints. However, each hint will cost you 7,500 points, which is more than you get for finding an item. You need to exercise caution when using them, but it's very comforting knowing that they're there.

Straightforward, Addictive Gameplay

While some hidden objects games try to spice up the action by adding overly complex (read: not fun) elements, the developers here were smart to give their customers what they want and lots of it. SpinTop has delivered a very fun and engaging hidden object adventure.

A Must Have

Escape Whisper Valley reminds us why hidden object games are so darn popular. This is a great game with an immersive atmosphere and eye-popping visuals. More importantly, it's just a blast to play!

source : http://www.spintop-games.com/puzzle_game_download/escape_whisper_valley.html

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