How to burn .iso file to CD/DVD ?

Here is the tutorial instructions how to burn the .iso file that was downloaded to a CD :

How to use:

First some written instructions on how to install ImgBurn, followed with images for those that need some visual clarifications:
  1. Download a (free) copy of ImgBurn here.
  2. Double-click on the .exe file you downloaded and follow the on-screen instructions to continue setup.
  3. Make sure to say "No" when the setup asks if you wish to install the optional ad-ons.
  4. When setup is done, open "ImgBurn" from the Windows start menu and continue with the next steps below. Or just check the "Run ImgBurn" image on the last page of setup.
With some images to guide you on your way:

Burning an ISO image :

Now to get started burning your ISO file. Open up ImgBurn and the first thing you see is a nice splash screen as the program loads.
You'll see a nice selection menu from where you choose which operation you wish to do with ImgBurn. Select the top left option, "Write image file to disc" as shown below:

 From here you get the main selection menu as shown below:

Now this is the main window for ImgBurn, and despite all the text and controls, it's fairly easy to use. From here you select the file you wish to burn with clicking on the browse folder icon. This will bring up the file browser in which you use to lead the application to the ISO file you wish to burn:

Now after selecting the file, the window will update to display your selection.
Here you will select the burn speed and if you wish to have the disc get verified, which you should select. Verification will double-check that what's written to disc is identical to the ISO file you have, in order to prevent issues caused by bad CDs, glitches in the burn process, and more. If the verification fails, burn it again with a lower speed setting.
To begin burning the image to the CD, click the large button/image at the bottom-left (the illustration of a file being transferred to a CD).

After it burns you will see a confirmation dialog like the one below. At this point, you can close the application and continue.

Congratulations, you're all done. That wasn't so hard now, was it?
You have successfully burned a ISO file to disc with ImgBurn. The disc is now ready for use. If it's our Windows recovery CD, you can boot from this CD.

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