[k-movie] Download Meet the In-laws (2011)

Meet the in-Laws(2011). The classic “Romeo and Juliet” story is transplanted to Korea in a tale the exploits the deep-seated regionalism between Honam and Yeongnam.

When cartoonist Hyun-joon (Song Sae-byeok) falls in love with Da-hong (Lee Si-yeong), one of his fans, it sets up the archetypal battle between their two families, who are from rival regions. Hyun-joon comes from the politically liberal Honam region (North and South Jeolla) while Da-hong comes from the conservative Yeongnam region (North and South Gyeongsang). When the two declare their intention to marry, they are confronted with a seemingly endless number of barriers that threaten their happiness.

The Yeongnam-Honam regional divide dates back to the 60s when most governmental development projects were concentrated in Seoul and the Yeongnam area, excluding Honam and sparking the rivalry between the two regions.

To win the approval of Da-hong’s parents, Hyun-joon pretends he is from Yeongnam. His attempts to change his dialect and conceal his identity provide moments of comic relief in an otherwise heavy drama.

The film’s stars are actors to watch. Song gained popularity for his recent starring role in “The Servant” last year. Lee is known for her prowess on screen, in 2009’s “Boys Over Flowers,” and in the ring, winning the women’s amateur boxing championship last month.

Also Known As: 위험한 상견례 (Wi-heom-han Sang-gyeon-rye)
Directed by: Kim Jin-yeong (김진영)
Country: South Korea
Language: Korean
Subtitle: None at the moment.
Year: 2011/03/31
Genre: Comedy, Romance

Song Sae-byeok
Lee Si-yeong
Baek Yoon-sik
Kim Soo-mi
Kim Eung-soo
Park Cheol-min