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An Amazing and incredible song by Make It Own | Roku No Hikaru (R.N.H) - Fill Spirit For Today

hello guys!

do you know group band music that always brings the song full of spirit and have distinctive characteristics and traits of a vocalist named Reza? yes he is not famous now, but he would just start to vibrate the music world today !!

This is the first song and I always play through my vlc media player. Hikaru No Roku (RNH) - Fill Spirit For Today, as if the flow of energy to my spirit. It's not exaggerate, not because the vocalist is my best friend, but his voice .. yes his voice is so pleasant to hear and I really like it.

It made me put him in the first position in the featured content slider so that the visitors will be able to find and download it easily.

And i tell you..this is important that DONT ReUpload this song in another place. IF you wanna share it, please share this link post.